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Work Series (HPX/RSX)

Work Series (HPX/RSX)



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About Us: A History Of Everything John Deere Gator

Although we can and do appreciate everything from John Deere harvesters and backhoes to John Deere dozers and skid steers, here at Everything John Deere Gator, we have a particular passion for John Deere UTVs, XUVs, and side-by-sides. Before the Gator was even released, we were fascinated with small ATV-like haulers such as the John Deere All-Materials Transport (AMT) vehicle. But the world of small-size utility machines has come a long way since then, and the John Deere Gator has blossomed from a simple-yet-reliable utility vehicle to a fully-functional side-by-side with a dual-purpose commercial and recreational use. Nowadays, folks of any station and every vocation are using John Deere Gators to achieve a variety of aims. And to help Gator owners reach their goals, we created Everything John Deere Gator to be an all-in-one destination for all kinds of John Deere Gator parts, accessories, equipment, and more!

Get the Most out of your Gator with our accessories and parts!

The John Deere Gator UTV, a versatile utility vehicle, can significantly expand its range of uses when equipped with various accessories and parts. For farmers, adding hydraulic dump beds or heavy-duty cargo boxes can transform the Gator into an essential tool for transporting feed, crops, or equipment across large fields. Ranchers might benefit from tow-behind attachments like trailers or spreaders, making it easier to manage large herds and maintain pastures. For hunters, the Gator can be fitted with camouflage covers, gun racks, and winches, enhancing its capability in rugged terrain and aiding in game retrieval. Hobby farmers will find value in customizing their Gator with gardening tools, seed spreaders, or even snow plow attachments for year-round utility. Those managing large properties can utilize the Gator for a variety of "back 40" tasks such as fence repair, trail maintenance, or hauling firewood. Each accessory or part added to the John Deere Gator UTV tailors it more closely to the specific needs of its user, whether it's for agriculture, hunting, property maintenance, or leisure, thereby maximizing its utility and efficiency in a range of environments and applications.

Gator and UTV - Are they the Same?

The John Deere Gator pioneered the utility terrain vehicle (UTV) revolution and became an enduring icon in the industry. Seamlessly merging the practicalities of work-oriented vehicles with the adaptability of recreational ATVs, the Gator emerged as a paragon of versatility and resilience, not to mention with that large bed you could carry equipment and farm items. Its groundbreaking design and superior performance set unprecedented standards, influencing a shift in industry expectations and consumer perceptions. Such has been the Gator’s monumental impact that its name has become synonymous with UTVs, with many referring to all UTV's vehicles as "Gators". This colloquial adoption of the term speaks volumes of its influential legacy, highlighting John Deere’s transformative contribution to the evolution of utility vehicles.

The New 2023 John Deere Gator Lineup

John Deere’s 2023 Gator lineup consists of Mid-Size 2-passenger vehicles like the XUV560E, the XUV590E, and the XUV590M; Full-Size 3-passenger vehicles like the XUV835E, XUV835M, and the XUV835M Honor Edition / Honor Edition with HVAC; Crew-Cab 4-passenger vehicles such as the XUV560E S4 and the XUV590M S4; and dedicated Work vehicles including the HPX615E, the HPX815E, the TE 4x2 Electric, and the TH 6x4 Diesel. The big news for 2023 was the introduction of John Deere’s AutoTrac assisted steering system, but many of the base models will now come stock with features that were only available on higher-end editions – such as side mirrors. Additionally, the 2023 Gator M-trim machines now come with Maxxis BigHorn tires, and both the M-trim as well as the R-trim models are going to be equipped with lined cargo boxes, brake lights, and tail lights – with the R-trim models also getting a powered dump bed!

The New 2022 John Deere Gator Lineup

A huge announcement was made in 2022, and that was the release of John Deere’s signature edition Gator XUV 835R/865R! These Signature Edition UTVs are based on the R-Spec XUVs, but with many added features that include backup cameras, in-cab infotainment systems, and many more creature comforts to make the vehicle look like, feel like, and handle like a high-end Truck or SUV! These machines are living proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get utility, performance, or functionality!