10 Frequently Asked Questions About the John Deere Gator

May 15th 2023

10 Frequently Asked Questions About the John Deere Gator

Question 1: What does a John Deere cost / how much is a John Deere Gator?

Answer 1: The price of a new John Deere Gator ranges from $12,499 (for the Crossover XUV560E) to $32,399 (for the Full-Size XUV835M HVAC Honor Edition). Below is how much a John Deere Gator costs in 2023 based on the model (surcharges not included).

  • HPX615E - $14,299
  • HPX815E - $15,999
  • TE 4x2 Electric - $14,999
  • TH 6x4 Diesel - $14,299
  • XUV560E - $12,499
  • XUV590E - $14,999
  • XUV590M - $15,499
  • XUV560E S4 - $14,499
  • XUV590M S4 - $17,499
  • XUV835E - $17,259
  • XUV835M - $19,749
  • XUV835M With HVAC - $29,249
  • XUV835M Honor Edition - $22,899
  • XUV835M Honor Edition with HVAC - $32,399
  • XUV825M S4 - $20,199
  • XUV8555M S4 - $21,899

As far as the cost for a used John Deere Gator is concerned, prices fluctuate wildly based on the year / condition of the machine, the model, and the supply / demand within the vicinity of a few hundred miles of your area. Prices for used Gators were high when there was a backlog in 2020-2022, but they’ve come back down a bit and are expected to keep falling if the economy stagnates. The best way to determine the cash value of a used John Deere Gator is to check the results of some local auctions.

Question 2: How do you start a John Deere Gator?

Answer 2: Starting a John Deere Gator is similar to starting a car. Begin by inserting the key into the ignition, turn it half way, and wait for the electric fuel pump to stop and for the fuel injectors to do their work. Then turn the key the remainder of the way and the engine should turn over and the vehicle will start. If you’re finding it hard to start your machine, or if it won’t start due to issues, there are many potential things that could be wrong; including a dead battery, a starter that’s getting stuck on the engine, or cylinder valves that need adjusting because they’re working against each other. The flywheel could also be cracked, which will prevent your Gator from starting, and bad connections from the battery, fuse block, or starter can also cause starting problems.

Alternatively, there are two other points of testing that can help you diagnose a John Deere Gator that won’t start. The first one is the fuel pressure, which will tell you that you’ve got a bad fuel pump, a bad fuel hose, or a bad regulator / regulator housing. Your fuel pump should put out 45-60 PSI approximately three seconds after the key is in the run position.

Question 3: Where is the serial number on a John Deere Gator?