John Deere Gator Windshields: Which Types, Styles, And Brands Are The Best?

Dec 2nd 2022

John Deere Gator Windshields: Which Types, Styles, And Brands Are The Best?

Although you might never go fast enough in your John Deere Gator to need a windshield for wind breaking purposes, there are plenty more benefits to be had from using the right John Deere Gator windshield! But which windshield type is the best? And is there a particular brand of aftermarket windshield for the John Deere Gator that performs better and lasts longer than others? Whether you’re after a front John Deere Gator 825i windshield to reduce in-cab dust, or a John Deere XUV 550 S4 windshield that’s compatible with a cab enclosure kit to help you stay warm during winter, here are the tried-and-tested best windshields for the John Deere Gator!

Best John Deere Gator Windshield For Dust

Unless you get a full cab enclosure kit, it’s almost impossible to eliminate dust completely. But with the right John Deere windshield configuration, it is possible to reduce in-cab dust dramatically. Even with a full front and rear windshield to prevent dust infiltration from the nose and tail end of the machine, dust can still get sucked in through the sides of the vehicle because of negative pressure in the cockpit. To create positive pressure in the cab, you can block any gaps you may have in your rear windshield with a pool noodle, and put a small cover over the space at the bottom in the middle of the door between the door and the rear section of the vehicle. Then, with either a half windshield, a vented windshield, or a flip-up windshield, you’ll be able to get some good airflow through the front to block 95% of the dust that would otherwise enter the cabin. Installing side wind deflectors in your Gator can also reduce in-cab dust, and so too will a simple 12V DC fan in the front!

Full Windshields Vs Half Windshields

Many of the pros and cons of half windshields are obvious, and the same goes for full windshields. However not all of advantages and disadvantages of full / half windshields are that easy to spot. It's needless to say that a half windshield won’t keep you as warm as a full windshield, and it won’t prevent water from getting inside when it starts to rain. That being said, however, half windshields do provide a bit of protection from the cold and rain, and they won’t get covered with layers of mud and dust that blocks your view like a full windshield will. But both mud and water on the windshield can be handled with a John Deere Gator windshield wiper kit. On a similar note, if you enclose your rig and install a full glass windshield for warmth, you definitely should not skimp out on a heater / defroster. While full poly windshields are worse insulators, they don't frost up and fog over like full glass windshields do. So if you go with glass and ride in cold environments, keep this in mind!

Some riders choose to run half John Deere Gator windshields in the summer, and full John Deere Gator windshields in the winter. But you can get similar results with a split windshield. Whether it’s a flip-up windshield like the ones by SuperATV, a John Deere Gator windshield that adjusts in and out at the bottom, or a folding windshield like the ones by Falcon Ridge, the versatility of split / folding windshields makes them the perfect accessory for almost any climate!

Glass Vs Polycarbonate Windshields

In addition to their insulative properties, glass windshields and polycarbonate windshields differ in a few other key areas. Glass windshields can chip, but they won’t get scratched up like a poly windshield can. To prevent scratching, manufacturers have begun to make hard-coated polycarbonate windshields for the John Deere Gator. Depending on the brand, however, even a scratch-proof poly windshield can get scraped up and hazed over due to sunlight, soap film, and improper washing. Plus, if you regularly tow your vehicle at highway speeds, the top brackets on OEM John Deere Gator poly windshields have been known to break.

Top Aftermarket John Deere Gator Windshield Brands

Among the many great manufacturers of John Deere Gator windshields include companies Koplin, EMP, Spike Powersports, and Seizmik. If you stick with one of these brands, you’re sure to get a windshield that meets your needs – be it a vented windshield for a nice blend of airflow and coverage, a full glass windshield to use when plowing snow, or a half windshield for that open-air feel. And the best part about aftermarket John Deere Gator windshields is that they cost a fraction of what an OEM John Deere Gator windshield will set you back!